Electric Vehicles in Pakistan, now A Reality

A few years ago normalization of electric vehicles looked like a dream but its a reality now. Electric vehicles operating on rechargeable batteries have become a reality and are swiftly taking the world by storm. Tesla, Mercedez, and BMW are the main players behind the introduction of electric vehicles for personal use around the world. However, for Pakistan, being a country that goes through a crisis of energy on and off it still looked a far cry but since the new Government lead by Imran Khan has assumed its responsibilities, they have shown their commitment to encourage environment-friendly transport solutions. Electric vehicles being way more environment friendly and with zero emissions have made it to the spotlight since then. People across the entire country are eagerly waiting for the introduction of eco-friendly electric vehicles for personal transport and mass commutation needs. 

Pakistan is leading the competition of introducing electric vehicles in the South Asian region and has taken a big leap forward towards set up of its own production facilities for the manufacture of electric vehicles in the country to keep imports in check. The Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry is working a lot towards making it a reality as early as possible. Recently, Sheikh Zia Ul Haq & Sons have joined hands with Wah Nobel Group of Companies to establish a manufacturing and assembly plant for electric buses, batteries, and spare parts and according to the ideal scenario, this production facility will be operational as soon as the year 2022. The plant is to be set up in Karachi.  

In accordance with their plan to eco-friendly electric-powered commutation, solutions are Government is also planning to launch an electric train service just like Meto train in Lahore, running from Islamabad International airport to Murree. Many other companies are also planning to offer electric vehicles in Pakistan in the coming years. Many car enthusiasts have also bought electric vehicles and SUVs from abroad and brought these vehicles in Pakistan. Considering the interest of the current government and stable electric supply conditions in Pakistan we can safely say that electric vehicles especially buses running in Pakistan will soon be a reality. Until then there are chances of electric vehicles becoming affordable and more feasible are bright, the government has also planned to set up electric charging pods for electric vehicles just like filling station along the route of national highways and motorways to make electric vehicles feasible for longer travels.

This will also help Pakistan in earning more from the travel and tourism industry in Pakistan as electric vehicles tend to be more cost-effective in terms of mileage, maintenance, and fuel consumption. Many international vehicle manufacturers are introducing vehicles with electric power and hybrid technology to overcome the lack of availability of charging systems in difficult terrains like mountains and desserts. SUV owners around the world and in Pakistan are appreciating this initiative because it will make driving electric vehicles more feasible. Hopefully, we will be able to see electric vehicles and busses running in Pakistan in the near future. 

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