Image is a project of Matchless and JK International is Pakistan’s rapidly growing free classified ads posting website. We are here with a unique idea of providing the opportunity of trading securely and easily in this modern digital world.

Gone are the days when people had to wait for days and even weeks to sell their belongings and land an appropriate buyer for the process to go further. With Sellit24 it is as easy as updating your story on Instagram. The main purpose of Sellit24 is to provide common people with a reliable intermediary platform that helps them in buying and selling a variety of items in an easy and quick manner without a considerable wait duration. People in Pakistan don’t like to wait for too much time and considering this habit we came up with an effective platform and named it as, our objective is to make the online buying and selling process for common users as easy as possible. Here is how a common Pakistani citizen or resident can use our classified portal to buy or sell things like smartphones, vehicles, and properties easily without facing any challenge and considerable delay:

Backgrounds is Pakistan’s rapidly growing free classified ads posting website. We are here with a unique idea of providing end users with the opportunity to trade securely and easily in the modern digital world of growing ecommerce and smart technologies. We tend to make it possible for everyone to sell their used or unused items in a matter of hours without waiting for days and weeks.

Our Approach

We want to make Sellit24 the leading classified web portal of Pakistan, our approach is to comfort our users as much as possible. With an easy user interface and advertisement update mechanism, our users will get the most out of Sellit24 by getting the opportunity of selling and buying products, appliances, vehicles, and properties as soon as possible.


The methodology of this online classified is quite simple, the users just need to upload their basic information asked by the signup form. They don’t need to provide both email and contact for signup purpose, the user just needs to provide either contact number or email to signup. Once the signup process is complete, users can post their ads and our portal will find you a number of buyers in no time.